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2023-08-26 16:08:05
How to Configure TL-ER7206 multiple VLANs, WAN Dyn IP, IPv6 Prefix Len < 64 via OC200 controller?
Network environment: ER7206 v1.0 running firmware version 1.3.1 Build 20230525 Rel.66228 and controlled by an OC200 2.0 hardware controller firmware version 2.9.3 Build 20230328 Rel.52390 and...
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2022-09-11 07:03:22
Re:ER8411, the first Omada Router that supports 10G Ports
Hi @btx, The ER8411(UN)1.0 datasheet may be found here. Cheers, CJ
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2022-09-11 06:15:30
Re:How to share a printer over different vlans?
Hi @mma678, have you tried to create a new higher priority ACL switch rule to allow one-way network traffic from the work VLAN to the kid's VLAN? Regardless if you have two or three VLANs, you may...