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Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
2021-10-28 14:13:01
Re:Clients are only connecting to 802.11.a and 802.11g with Omada OC200 Hardware Controller
@Christian2705 I have the same issue here, I have disabled and reenabled WMM, however all my primary devices are all still on 802.11A If I change the properties in my driver settings on my laptop not...
Forums/ Business Switches
2021-01-09 19:53:02
Omada Support / T1600G-18TS / Firmware Upgrade
Hi Guys, Are there any plans on any further firmware upgrades for the model T1600G-18TS 2.0 as I have 2x T1500G-8T v2.0 switches which are both end of life and yet had a new firmware release in 2020...