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Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
2022-02-02 08:06:53
Re:Bug Port Forwarding
Of course I can just change the IP Adress to another one. But this is still being a bug of the Omada Controller not calculating the IP Adress through the given Netmask. Because in the Subnet...
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
2022-02-01 09:25:50
Bug Port Forwarding
Hello TP-Link Community I tried to create a port forwarding in my Omada Software Controller. My Network has the following parameters: And one of my Webservers is having the IP Adress When I...
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
2022-01-12 13:59:37
Feature Request | DynDNS
Good day, I would like to request a feature for the Omada software controller. It is about the fact that the controller supports DynDNS ... but no provider that is free of charge. I currently use for...