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2023-09-01 16:01:43
Re:Omada SDN Controller_V5.12.x (Updated on Aug 21st, 2023)
@Fae Any word on when you'll be releasing the Linux version of this preview? There are a lot of us who run this either on our own servers or in Docker, and would love to be able to test it out.
Forums/ Controllers
2022-02-18 20:50:46
Re:Omada Controller_v5.1.6_Windows For Trial (Beta Edition)
@Fae Are there any plans to release a Linux version of the 5.1.6 Omada Controller beta? I'd be very interested in testing this out, but I do not have a dedicated Windows machine to use for testing.
Forums/ Switches
2022-02-08 16:58:12
Re:T2600G logs flooded with errors ' Failed to create Multicast Group hardware.'
@Elmer91 Is this supposed to be fixed in the latest firmware? I just purchased a new Jetstream switch and I'm getting the same set of errors.