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2022-03-25 12:17:12
Re:Omada N300 Wireless Outdoor Access Point (EAP110-Outdoor)
@donthediyer Desired topology +---------------------+ +------------------+ | Modem/Router |___CAT5e______| AX10 V1.0 | | Wifi is off | | AP Mode | +-------+------------+ +------------------+ |...
Forums/ Omada EAP
2022-03-25 11:58:44
Omada N300 Wireless Outdoor Access Point (EAP110-Outdoor)
I have an AX10 V1.0 router running in AP mode and connect to my internet provider integrated modem/router. Am I able to add a wired EAP110 Outdoor AP to my network and configure it as a second AP,...
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2022-03-25 11:31:10
OneMesh on Archer AX10 V1.0
Is OneMesh available on the AX10 V1?