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2018-01-18 22:24:41
Re:TL-SG-108E V2 - VLAN 1 tagging
Any support for v1.0?
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
2017-11-13 07:03:50
Re:EAP225 with Controller Management VLAN
Thanks for the response. It appears the problem is with the TL-SG108E v1.0 of the switch. I just upgraded to the TL-SG1016DE v3.0 and it works as it should. (With Management VLAN off, and PVID set to...
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
2017-11-12 02:13:01
EAP225 with Controller Management VLAN
Model : Hardware Version : Firmware Version : ISP : I have 3 EAP 225 v2. Firmware: TL-EAP225v2_1.2.0_[20170828-rel67446]_up_signed Controller: 2.5.1 Switches: TL-SG108E/TL-SG1016DE VLAN ID...