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Forums/ Access Points
2020-03-26 10:01:36
Re:Need hardwired access point for concrete home
@spnelson2000 i think that the best solution is to plan to use one or more WAPs (Wireless Access Points), connecting each WAP to the router with an Ethernet cable. I use the Engenius unit. If you...
Forums/ Switches & Routers
2018-12-28 04:01:59
Re:Returned my switch
I think you should try and contact the TP Link customer centre. They are great i had an issue in setting my vlan in my company. But all was to no avail. I then contacted them and it was short and...
Forums/ General Discussion
2018-12-28 03:35:13
Re:Are You Facing Server Down Problem While using Amazon Prime? Contact us At +1-877-916-7666
The server issues are common but i found a staff at your company who was able to help me get up.roofing companies wilmington.