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Forums/ Routers
2023-08-25 06:59:38
VoIP Prioritization settings and encrypted SIP TLS/SRTP traffic?
In Omada Controller under the Quality of Services page there is a VoIP Prioritization tab. Two questions. Does this require any other settings like Bandwidth Control or other QoS features to make it...
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
2023-07-03 18:57:14
Omada integrated solar charge controller
I don't know if you guys are interested in expanding the Omada eco system the way Ubiquiti has done with Access Control, Cameras, Phones, etc, but one thing I would like to see is an Omada integrated...
Forums/ Controllers
2023-03-31 06:20:40
Log incoming users over the WAN port?
In Omada, is there a way to log incoming IP numbers from people accessing or trying to access the network from the outside?
Forums/ Controllers
2022-11-06 19:24:12
Can Omada Controller monitor third party SNMP devices?
Can the Omada controller be used to monitor third party SMNP devices such as UPSs?
Forums/ Controllers
2022-05-05 22:32:21
What failover ISP service do people use?
I was wondering what people use as a failover ISP? Are there services that don't charge until you need it? Or don't charge much? Local ISPs around here generally charge $70+/mo for service. Our...
Forums/ Controllers
2021-12-28 20:40:18
Re:Setup a new ER605 and now internet connection drops repeatedly.
@Yannie - In case any one is reading this later... TP-Link tech support suggested I test if the problem is present in the following scenarios: The un-bridged modem handing a regular dynamic IP to the...