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By JTJames 2020-09-20 15:39:46

OC200 - Mail server settings, Port cannnot be configured

Hi community. I've an issue with the new Controller Version: 4.1.5. Within the Mail Server setting, port is everytime automatically changed to 465 no matter what I configure (target is port 587). Anyb
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By GadgetBen 2020-10-25 13:16:04

OC200, Omada SDN Controller 4.1.5 & SSL/TLS?

Hi, I have configured the controller to use my SMTP server for outgoing emails and ticked the 'SSL' box, however SSL is now depreciated and my SMTP server requires TLS. Test emails via the GUI 'Test E
Forums/ Controllers
By GadgetBen 2020-10-25 11:24:43

Portal Logo Image - Transparency channel

Hi, The Omada SDN Controller 4.1.5 is a significant and feature rich upgrade. I have it running well on my OC200 controlling a Mesh Network of EAP225-Outdoor Access Points. I also love the Portal feat