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Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By lukass2000 2022-11-27 09:11:06

How create IP-Group only with certain devices?

Hallo, I would like to create an IP group, but where I would only enter certain devices. In this group for example, should be the devices with following ip addresses: - PS4 192.168.100
Forums/ Tapo Smart Sensors
By PavelV 2022-11-24 19:24:02

Tapo app - automation - 2 triggers - no select Condition

Hello, I don't know if I'm in the right forum but in the mobile app for Android ver. 2.11.23 I can't find where to set more than 2 triggers Any condition or All condition button. Attached is a screen
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By PavelV 2022-10-08 16:53:56

Bandwidth Conntrol correct setting

Hello, advise please Is the setting in the screen OK? I have a speed of 5/20 Mb/s from the provider. With this setup, I assumed that if a device with address - 205 exceeded 90% network l
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By JGM_JGM 2022-09-16 14:50:05

Turn off lights OC200

Is it possible to turn off the lights of OC200? The option "controller settings" in settings menu is in grey... and not accesible! :-( Thank you!
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By PavelV 2022-08-12 09:55:46

Omada OC200 v1.0 5.4.7 - DHCP not working and other problems

Hello, I unfortunately updated yesterday OC200 to version 5.4.7 FW: 1.18.3 Build 20220715 Rel.56221. My next LAN devices: TL-R605 v1.0 FW: 1.2.1 Build 20220512 Rel.76748 TL-SG2008P v1.0 FW: 1.0.2 Buil
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
By PavelV 2022-07-30 10:07:15

Bandwidth Control - MAC Group adding

Hello, Is it really such a problem to add the ability to select a MAC Group to Bandwidth Control? If only it were possible to select a given range of IP addresses in the IP Group. Setting up with IP S