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By Lucidus 2021-01-17 21:56:13

EAP225-Outdoor Only 5 channels available on 5GHz

I have a new EAP225-Outdoor(US) just set up. It works but there are only five channels available on the 5 GHz band, the top 5 ones in the UNII3 band. This is a problem for me since my neighbor's wifi
Forums/ Access Points
By Lucidus 2021-01-17 19:50:14

EAP225 Outdoor Access Point 5 GHz channels limited to top 5

I just set up a new (Amazon) EAP225 Outdoor(US) Access Point in Standalone mode. It is working but I discovered that the setup GUI shows only 5 channels available to choose from on the 5 GHz band, the