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By rp3703 2024-02-04 15:51:13

Setting SSID and LAN time limits over Omada App

I have a small setup in my house. ER605, TL-SG2210P, OC200 and 2 EAP615's. Is there a way to set time limits to a PS5 that is on a wired LAN as well as an SSID through the Omada App?
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By rp3703 2024-02-04 01:18:46

Cannot locate old controller menu

Before I installed the OC200 and the TLSG2210P I was able to log into the ER605 sofware controller settings and there were way more options. Since I downloaded the Omada App and used it to connect all
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By 1207 2024-02-03 23:39:30

Need help configuring VPN

Trying to configure a "Client-to-Site VPN" with "VPN Type: VPN Client - OpenVPN", but my VPN provider is Windscribe and they provide a domain name for their VPN servers. Omada will only allow me to in
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By Matze78 2023-04-15 07:15:24

T1600G-28TS v3.0 Omada 5.9x

Hi, i´m using 2 T1600G-28TS v3.0 switches in my network. Currently they working fine with omda 5.7.6 - but they are not on the compatinlity list. Not in the list for the 5.7.6 and also 5.9.31. Can any
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By 1207 2023-03-06 19:59:44

ER605 V1_1.2.3 Beta Firmware causing Router Disconnects

System is OC200 (firmware 1.21.7 Build 20221206 Rel.58608), ER605, and switch TL-SG2210MP. Tried the beta firmware V1_1.2.3 and the router disconnected two times a day for the last two days. The route
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By 1207 2022-12-17 00:02:06

Firmware updates for ER605 V1.0 and T1600G-28TS v3.0

Will there be firmware updates for router "ER605 V1.0" and/or switch "T1600G-28TS v3.0" to alllow use of the new features released in Controller_V5.7.6? Mainly interested in these new features: 4. Add