Need help configuring VPN

Need help configuring VPN

Need help configuring VPN
Need help configuring VPN
2024-02-03 23:39:30 - last edited 2024-02-05 02:55:52
Tags: #VPN
Model: OC200  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.26.3 Build 20230906 Rel.36269

Trying to configure a  "Client-to-Site VPN" with "VPN Type: VPN Client - OpenVPN", but my VPN provider is Windscribe and they provide a domain name for their VPN servers. 


Omada will only allow me to input an IP address in for the "Remote Server", even though the official users guide says for "Remote Server: Enter the IP address or domain name of the OpenVPN server" .  I can get the VPN to work by using the Windscibe server's IP address, but it changes several times a day, making the Omada VPN configuration useless.


Is there a way to enter a domain name for the Remote Server?   Windscribe only works with OpenVPN or Wireguard.    The OC200 user guide also says it works with Wireguard, but I can not find any Wireguard settings in my OC200.


This is the guide I'm using: link: guide, instructions on page 168 and 169 .  The guide is directly from the OC200 support page for my hardware, version, and firmware version.  Is the guide just wrong?  Are there any plans to update the software to allow domain names for remote server?


Any work arounds?



Follow up:


Even though pinging the domain name of Windscribe's VPN server returns a different ip address several times a day, the Omada vpn configured with the original IP address of Windscribe's server continues to work.   


To make this work you just need to ping the domain name that Windscribe gives you to get the servers current ip address. Put that ip address into Omada vpn configuration for "remote server" . Enable the vpn on Omada and connect to the vpn with a device laptop, phone, etc.  Check under Insight-VPN that you have a working vpn connection.




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