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By sparki_uk 2020-09-22 09:48:57

Re:External Captive portal device Auth with TPLink Cloud

We got this working on our system, but only by going back a firmware version. It also required us to roll back the EAP firmware versions too, otherwise you'll get the error "internet may not be availa
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By Carat1 2018-01-10 14:09:00

Re:EAP 220 - SSID "disappears" for some devices

Hi My EAP220 has the same problem. I found the latest firmware of EAP220 in Global website( has fixed related issue that 2.4G radio stops worki
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By ITServ 2020-12-23 08:17:42

Re:Error Code -1 (General Error) on External Portal Server authorize API (Omada Controller v.4.1.5)

@Fae I enconter the same issue, but with version 4.2.8 installed using the omada_v4.2.8_linux_x64.deb package. After the installation of 4.2.8, the installer runs through the initial questions, and in
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By PabikoG 2021-03-12 03:13:12

Omada External Portal Server

Omada Controller v4.2.11 Hi, I'm trying to implement external portal server based on this FAQ, I stuck in authorize() function, I need help. I already tried this urls "
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By PabikoG 2021-03-12 03:02:13

External Portal Server OMADA

Hello i followed this link to create an external portal server for wifi authentication. I got this output from attatch php file. The login is working, but