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By LucioRib 2022-03-23 20:29:24

ER605 Stand Alone Mode and OpenVPN issue

Hello, I configured the ER605 in standalone mode and I created an OpenVPN Server with these parameters: Protocol: UDP Service Port: 1194 Local Netword WAN: WAN IP Pool: The Def
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By gedi 2021-05-04 08:57:06

OpenVPN server route addition failed

ROUTE: route addition failed using service: The object already exists. [status=5010 if_index=9] This is the error I get, when connecting to OpenVPN which is configured like this: I have tried connecti
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By gedi 2021-04-29 13:41:59

Omada Software Controller Dashboard Gateway N/A with TL-ER7206

It seems that Omada Software Controller does not recognize TL-ER7206 router as a gateway. Dashboard shows "N/A Gateway" and "1 Switches". I have tried removing and adding the device back to the contro