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By bodjie7 2022-05-04 17:06:55

EAP225 serve as Acces point to cpe 510

Hello dear can anyone answer my Question please... Can i connect my cpe510 client to access point EAP225 outdoor in 3 kilometers? Thanks...
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By bodjie7 2021-10-19 18:19:10


hello there,, please somebody help me with my ER605 omada gigabit vpn router not working on my desktop,, it shows internet access in windows but no browsing please help
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By bodjie7 2021-10-19 17:57:19


hello there.. can i upgrade my TL-ER605 Omada Gigabit VPN Router to TL-R605 Safestream Gigabit VPN router Firmware? are they the same? thanks
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By Sathishindia 2021-04-09 13:16:07

TL-R605 No Internet Access on Web Page however Ping works from windows 10

Connected the TL-R605 with my Internet provider thru static IP and configured the wan port Wan Connectivity is Good However There is no internet access from web page to any website but i can successfu
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By bodjie7 2021-10-12 01:20:51


Hello there.. im just wondering how many device can connect to TL-er605? Is this device can handle 100client lan port using switch?
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By bodjie7 2021-09-19 12:56:55


Hello out there,, somebody help me, please.. what is the best channel frequency of this? and how to read spectrum analysis.. please help me....