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By GavCol 2021-09-01 07:43:33

Route internet traffic to Multiple VLANs with Multiple DHCP pools on a TL-SG2008P

Hi all, Is there any way I can achieve the setup below using the TL-SG2008P ? I think I'm half way there but need help with the final hurdle. I have a broadband (FTTC) modem connected to my AX wifi ro
Forums/ Switches
By GavCol 2021-08-26 03:51:03

TL-SG2008P Bottleneck using multiple VLANS & multiple DHCP pools with router ?

Hi, I recently bought the TL-SG2008P with the plan to create a home automation vlan and separate DHCP pool. I expected to have devices (NAS, PC, kids laptops, chromecast etc) on the main network conne