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By jwaltrip 2024-03-13 18:24:38

Open VPN

I have OpenVPN set up and working for quite a while. then, even though set up, stopped using it for a while. I have updated the controller, router, and switches since I last used. OpenVPN is no longer
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By jwaltrip 2023-12-14 18:59:27

Usijng "Location Groups" ACL

So, there is an option to create Location Groups. FOr example, I can create a group called China, and the I assume I could for example, block evertything coming from China. The only problem is that wh
Forums/ Switches
By jwaltrip 2023-10-11 19:19:07

Need help on Allowing only certain ports on Omada

Omada: ER605 v1 EAP610 3 x SG2008P Multiple VLANs, inclusing IOT VLAN Questions are arount IOT VLAN I already iknow how to block access to entire VLAN (I block MGMT and WIFI from IOT) Here iwhat I wan
Forums/ WiFi
By jwaltrip 2023-08-20 18:57:23

EAP 610 1.0, and Roku Express (non4k)

Are there any known issues with Roku express 3700x connecting to an EAP 610? I can connect to my wifi hotspot. I can connect to other wifi routers... just not my 610
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By Hank21 2023-07-21 01:08:06

ER605 V2_2.1.4_Build 20230727 Beta Firmware For Trial (Released on Aug 2nd, 2023)

This Article Applies to: ER605 v2 / v2.6_2.1.4_20230720 (Beta) | Fully adapted to Omada SDN Controller v5.11 Update as of Aug 2, 2023: Thank you all for your valuable feedback on the ER605 2.1.4_20230
Forums/ Controllers
By jwaltrip 2023-07-14 13:39:06

Syslog issues

I have pointed Omata to my syslog server.... When I look at the date/time in the log entries, it is in UTC time, even though I have OC200 set to Easter Stndard time... how can I correct this?