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By CamT 3 weeks ago

OC200 mail server settings

I have tried Gmail and Outlook accounts to try and send logs. Why not just let our controllers forward emails thru your TP-Link mail server. That or straight forward setting to get this feature workin
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By Borje_Lerum 2024-01-02 11:28:29

ER605 WAN DHCP lease time

I use the ER605 to connect to my internet provider Telia via fiber and Dynamic IP. My log is alwas full (999+) as the router updates WAN IP every 10 minute! "WAN: DHCP client lease expired. Began rene
Forums/ Controllers
By CamT 2022-08-28 04:18:15

OC200 with ver 5.4.7 When I look under Statistics all graphs are empty.

When I look under Statistics, I can select different devices but all graphs are empty off data. Am I missing something to enable statistics?