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By HomeUser1 2022-08-05 01:59:05

TP-Link Wont *Actually* honor their warranty

I have a switch that is defective. TP-Link has confirmed its defective. TP-Link has "approved" an RMA. TP-Link refuses to actually send me the replacement. Is this a real business? I contact them and
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By tekneon 2021-10-17 21:03:16

mDNS repeater across VLANS

Hi, I did not found an mDNS on the omada controller to enable discovery across multiple vlans ... this is definitely something missing for the people, like me, that are using Omada devices in their ho
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
By Xstreem 2020-12-20 14:29:07

mDNS Service

Hello I was wondering in Omada where I can find the mDNS service ? I have a TL-R605 router but some IoT devices (especially the once that use Apple HomeKit) do not work or better are unreachable when