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By MrHC1983 2023-07-14 22:22:44

Threat Management Map?

Anyone used this Threat Managemant Map? I went to the site to grab an API for it, you got to sign up and it wants a credit card. Anyone used it, got screen shots of what it looks like/does fully etc?
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By MrHC1983 2023-07-09 06:44:49

OC200 5.11 Omada? ETA.... To Support ER605 2.2 Newer Features...

As always.... Firmware for Windows comes out before DEDICATED HARDWARE controllers. Can I ask what the point is of releasing the ER605 2.2 Firmware when anyone on a OC200 5.9.32 firmware cannot use th
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By YuukiA 2023-07-07 17:24:11

Surprise firmware update to ER605 V2

Nothing about the version 2.2.0 Build 20230629 Rel.64012 mentioned in the Latest Firmware Release page. Is this a real firmware to ER605 V2? I don't want to brick my ER605 routers accidentally.
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By MrHC1983 2023-06-28 00:35:51

ER605 2.1.3 Beta - TCP SYN Packet Attack.

So only since the new 2.1.3 Beta do I get this...... and like always no information about what the IP etc....... I have tried turning off multiple things on the attack defence but nothing is associate
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By MrHC1983 2023-06-27 00:18:00

ER605 Firmware 2.1.3 - QoS Bandwidth Control Query / Other

ER605 V2 2.1.3 - Omada 5.9.32 on the OC200. So this beta firwmare two things. A. I keep getting TCP SYN Dropped x packets every 3 mins in the event log but it shows me nothing, no IP ...... no info...
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By MrHC1983 2023-06-25 01:00:29

ER605 V2 - "Lots of connections aka lots of latency"

Can we just have a chat about the ER605 V2..... I'm running 2.1.2 firmware which seems pretty solid with the OC200 on thee latest 5.9.32 which seems to work great compared to all the issues we were ha