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By MrHC1983 2023-11-01 09:07:16

ALL OMADA Routers - Cannot Adopt on anything other then a 192.x.x.x network out of the box!

I had a ER605, now a ER707-M2. Out of the box never will adopt have to login everytime, change the LAN IP and DHCP to my 172.16.x.x network and THEN adopt it. I am guessing there is no fix
Forums/ Routers
By MrHC1983 2023-10-30 01:30:08

ER7206 1.2.3 Failed Upgrade to 1.3.0

I have a query. We have a bunch of these ER7206's at different sites, they are all failing to upgrade from 1.2.3 to 1.3.0. They won't do a scheduled auto update and even a manual one fails. Does TP Li
Forums/ Routers
By MrHC1983 2023-10-25 09:45:35

ER605 vs ER707-M2 - DDOS Absorbtion

So this is to TP Link Support. It's basically been determined despite the Omada Issues causing reboots when changing settings, it would seem RANDOM reboots for us atleast have been DDOS attacks on a p
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
By MrHC1983 2023-10-19 06:27:34

Various Router - Omada Features Request.

1. VLAN without needing to lock it to a phsyical port so you can tie is to only certain WIFI SSIDs. eg. Create a seperate VLAN DHCP Range (with custom DNS) and attach it to certain WIFI SSID's. 2. Abi
Forums/ Routers
By MrHC1983 2023-07-28 04:34:59

ER605 V2 2.1.4 Downgraded Back to 2.1.3

ER605 V2. I upgraded from 2.1.3 to 2.20 and that was fine....... then came along 2.1.4 and now it randomly reboots....... I wasn't doing anything at all before and boom internet gone again. So I'm dow
Forums/ Controllers
By MrHC1983 2023-07-28 03:07:25

OC200 V2 - 5.11/5.12 - Firmware Please

Can we please have the updated BETA for the OC200 V2. Being 5.11 or 5.12 firmware. And an updated ER605 firmware past 2.1.4 which randomly reboots!