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By treas a week ago

EAP 610 outdoor no longer broadcasting SSIDs after 20230922 update

After updating to the latest firmware my 610 outdoor no longer broadcasts my ssid at all. There are no relevant errors in the system log.
Forums/ WiFi
By Bromo a week ago

Association Timeout after Firmware upgrade to 1.2.3 Build 20230922 Rel. 67667

Last night I saw there was a firmware upgrade for my EAP610-Outdoor so I went ahead with the upgrade. Since then I see the logs filling up with Association Timeout errors from my 2.4GHz IoT devices. I
Forums/ WiFi
By Bromo 2023-05-23 21:44:32

WPA Authentication Timeout or Failure

I'm having issues with this EAP650 AP and IoT clients (2.4Ghz). After about a day or so these 2.4Ghz-only clients disconnect and the Omada logs are filled with "WPA Authentication Timeout or Failure".