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By naciohr 2024-01-05 09:24:48

OpenVPN client FQDN server

Hello TP-LINK, I would like to kindly ask to make a change in the configuration parameters of OpenVPN client to fix a potential bug, that has been already commented in post
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
By phongtom 2023-11-28 12:16:59

Omada routers, adding OpenVPN servers by its hostname is impossible, only accept IPs.

When we want to add a OpenVPN server, the hostname field only accepts IP address, not domain name. Can you change the field rules so we can fill domain names too?
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
By phongtom 2023-11-24 21:06:35

Changing default PPTP/L2TP port

For safety reasons I want to change default ports (TCP 1723 and UDP 1701) of PPTP and L2TP server, OpenVPN and Wireguard have this option but PPTP and L2TP not.
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By Clive_A 2023-10-26 05:52:46

ER605 V2_2.1.5 Build 20231024 Beta Firmware for Omada Controller V5.11 (Released on Oct 26th, 2023)

This Article Applies to ER605(UN) V2 2.1.5_Build 20231024 (Beta) Release Notes: New Features & Enhancements: 1. Add ACL support for IPv6 data. 2. Add support for IPv6 RA (Router Advertisement) configu
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By Bejim 2023-11-02 21:49:56

ER605 - cannot load http admin UI after 2.2.2 firmware upgrade

So I upgraded my ER605 v2 from 2.1.2 firmware to 2.2.2. Before the upgrade, I managed the router in stand-alone mode via the http admin UI. I also disabled the https admin UI and the SSH interface. Si
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By Pocov 2023-09-12 04:00:48

MR600 V2 disconnects from 4g until reset. New firmware needed!

Router keeps working but 4g disconnects and MR600 doesn't do anything to reconnect by itself. I already set manual bands as Other post recommend. Also put only 3g and set up dayly reset but that's not