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By PBANA 2019-08-05 16:01:30

VLAN setup

Good afternoon. Please indicate how to setup 2 VLANs in the following network scenario: - ROUTER VPN PL-ER6120 V2 - SWITCH T1600G V3 - EAP330: SSID1 with VLAN_05 - EAP220: SSID2 with VLAN_06 Looking f
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
By Rojoone2 2019-11-24 22:29:30

Edit Device Names Within Omada Controller

Are there any plans to allow users to update device names within the Omada controller? I have the controller installed on a Windows 10 machine. Some devices show up as their MAC address. In my case th
Forums/ Routers
By ErniePantuso 2019-03-31 20:43:36

Advice on setting up VLANs for IoT segment and self-hosted web server

I'm about to go from "ordinary home network" to "advanced home network" - even though my knowledge level isn't really adequate! I'm going to buy a couple of EAP245 access points (one for each end of m
Forums/ WiFi
By Rojoone2 2019-10-03 20:51:23

Root AP managed by Omada controller?

Hello. I currently have three EAPs for my wifi. Two EAP245s and 1 EAP225 all version 3. I was changing some settings and got a warning when changing the channel width on the EAP225 that it is the "roo