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By ken22 2020-06-01 07:57:29

Same Segment

Hi Support Good day. Is it possible that our ISP and TL-R600VPN router has same segments? like these ISP (Router) - TL-R600VPN - but i wish TL-R600VPN will manage and rou
Forums/ Business Routers
By ken22 2019-10-30 08:10:07

TL-R600VPN - VPN Connection

Hi Support Good day, How do i setup the vpn internet connection using my TL-R600VPN together with my L3-Manage Switch. Also using one-segments and web filtering. thank you
Forums/ Business Routers
By ken22 2019-10-09 08:12:44

Block/Allow specific sites

What i want to do is, Host A can access all sites including the social site like facebook, youtube etc. Host B block accessing the social sites like facebook, youtube etc but can access all other webs
Forums/ Business Routers
By ken22 2019-10-09 03:01:33

TL-R600VPN - No internet connections

Hi Support Good day, INTERNET: ISP modem/router has default gateway ROUTER: TL-R600VPN default ip SWITCH: Smart Managed D-Link DGS-1210-28 What i want to do on my topology,
Forums/ Business Routers
By ice2921 2019-07-12 02:31:56

Setting VLANs On The TL-R600VPN

Hello, I am trying to configure a VLAN on the TL-R600VPN. I think I got the VLAN configured correctly, but how can I get traffic to pass between the VLAN and my main LAN? Do I do this via a firewall r