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By CarloPH 2024-02-26 14:15:32

Forgotten Main Administrator account

I was tasked to manage an Omada Controller 2.0 which was previously managed by a resigned employee who's nowhere to be found. The problem is we only have an Administrator account. The Main Administrat
Forums/ WiFi
By CarloPH 2023-08-09 15:10:21

EAP655-WALL_V1_1.2.0_Build 20230717 (Beta)

Does this Beta firmware resolved the issue of VLAN tags not being handled correctly on another access point particularly EAP225-Outdoor Hardware Version 3.0 connected on Ethernet 3 (PoE enabled)? All
Forums/ WiFi
By CarloPH 2023-07-19 14:44:00

Where can I find Firmware version 1.0.4 for my EAP610-Outdoor(US)

I have two units of this model both came with firmware version 1.0.4 but when I adopted both on my Omada the conroller prompted me to upgrade it to firmware version 1.1.3. And so I did with one of the
Forums/ WiFi
By MP64 2022-09-09 15:38:38

EAP610-Outdoor wireless stopped working after 2 weeks

I have an EAP610-Outdoor AP and it was working perfectly for a couple of weeks, then one day the wireless stopped functioning. Everything else about the AP seems fine. The web interface works, it gets