SG108E IFTable IN/Out octect

SG108E IFTable IN/Out octect
SG108E IFTable IN/Out octect
2019-01-05 03:51:16 - last edited a week ago

I'm trying to get iftable in / out bit or octets from the TL-SG108E.  I've tried the following:


curl -v -u admin:admin http://admin:admin@ -H "Referer:"

But I cannot get it to accept the user/ password.  Which is the default 




I've tried passing user / pas through -F 'username=admin' -F 'password=admin' -F 'submit=Login'

and a variety of other things.  I just cannot get it logged in via lynx / links / curl...


Can anybody help me with the correct syntax?


If I login through the GUI / WEB port 80 I can see the interface stats, so I know this is possible.  I just cannot get the switch to

respond from the command line


I would be nice if I could just do a snmp query against this but apparently only the 208 supports snmp query.


any suggestions would be helpful.