Drop outs with Archer T9UH

Drop outs with Archer T9UH
Drop outs with Archer T9UH
2019-05-06 12:53:03
Model: Adapter
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version:

About a month ago I bought a wifi adapter. Up until now I've always had the computer set up within cable reach of the router.

Running Window 7 Professional 64-bit


From the start I have experienced dropouts. Tested the router and it's fine, laptops and phones all connect.


I contacted TPLink support and got a very mixed bag. I was repeatedly told the driver needed updating, despite the link that I was sent reinstalling the old driver.

The driver link listed at the top here https://www.tp-link.com/au/support/download/archer-t9uh/#Driver installs driver 1030.22.405.2017 with a driver date of 11/09/2017


When the connection fails sometimes it will sign back in, other times it will get me to run diagnostics. Sometimes it will reset the network adapter, other times it will ask me to check the Network Security Key. The password has not changed.


Any suggestions at this point would be greatly appreciated.



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Re:Drop outs with Archer T9UH
2019-05-16 01:20:55


How often it drops out the connection? How do you make it back to work?


What about the wireless signal strength? How far away does it from the main router?


How did you install the driver? Use the CD or download the driver from the official website.


Meanwhile, you can try to install the driver below to give it a go. 



Besides, if possible, we suggest you to change another USB port or another computer to do a comparison analysis.


Have a great day.