What should I do if my device keeps disconnecting from the internet when it’s connected to my TP-Link Range Extender?

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The range extender may extend Wi-Fi signal but it does not maintain the connection. This FAQ will guide you to do some tests to exclude possibility caused by router other elements beside the range extender.

a device means: computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc.

Note: Refer to UG to get detailed info of the LED status.


Case 1


Step 1

Update the range extender to latest firmware.

Step 2

Contact TP-Link support with model number of your router and provide us with details on the problem. 


Case 2


Step 1

Disable then enable the wireless network connection of the device.

Step 2

To figure out the problem please place the RE near to the router to see whether the problem still exists.

Step 3

Check the IP address, default gateway and DNS of the device, when the range extender loses its connection.

Step 4

Contact TP-Link support with model number of your router and provide us with details on the problem. 


Buenas tardes,.tengo un DecoX20 y cuando termino de configurarlo no me toma internet, la luz queda roja, el modelo es el AX-1800 Realice todos los pasos correspondientes y nada, mi router es un Cisco 3825, agradeceré su respuesta



We have just installed Starlink on our farm. To extend our network we bought 

CPE 510 and CPE710


510 is wired by Cat6 cable to the Lan port of the Starlink. 


We have internet and it is great when we are connected, however, every 14 minutes we lose connection on all devices.


Our CPE 710 is wired to a Netgear router and has never failed me to be fair, it is 5 years old. 


Could this be we haven't lined up the 510 and 710 properly or do we need to look at DHCP settings or something else in our settings or channels perhaps? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated, we are located IN Spain 




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its great information for us in this article


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