Memoria sd 256gb en Camara KC 420

Memoria sd 256gb en Camara KC 420

Memoria sd 256gb en Camara KC 420
Memoria sd 256gb en Camara KC 420
2022-06-12 02:55:41
Modelo: KC200  
Versión del hardware: V7
Versión de firmware: 12345

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Tengo un problema tengo un camara Kc 420 y van 2 veces que la camara corrompe la memoria micro SD de 256gb no tengo idea de que problema y la tengo que regresar a proveedor

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Re:Memoria sd 256gb en Camara KC 420
2022-06-27 09:02:48


Thank you for your detailed post with SD card concern We have an instruction that helps with troubleshoot SD card problem, kindly give it a try and let us know if it helps: What should I do if the SD card doesn’t work properly on my camera?

1. Confirm SD card capacity is supported by camera: Which microSD cards are supported on Tapo and Kasa Cameras? 

2. Please verify if SD card is Fake (expanded capacity) with H2testw software and share a photo here:
NOTE: back up important files before run the test

3. Confirm Kasa APP and tapo device firmware are both up- to -date


If the concern still exists despite the above steps, can  you help confirm some case details here: 


1.  Brand & capacity of the SD you've trid

2.  a photo of the error if format on kasa APP failed 

3.  a photo of SD card

4.  a photo of H2testw test result 
5.  Kasa  APP version ( APP-> Me-> About)

Thank you. 

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