EAP`s keeps disconnecting

EAP`s keeps disconnecting
EAP`s keeps disconnecting
2020-08-03 07:19:49
Model: EAP245
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: 2.4.0 Build 20200117 Rel. 39932



I`m turning to you, in order if you could help me, because I`m stuck and can`t get it to work ...


So, the setup is in one guest house with rooms, where we currently running 8 EAP`s, they work last year werry well but now there is a problem i cant solve. The EAP`s are randomly disconnecting, and im hoping one of you have the solution, because they can`t afford to be without internet for they guest`s.


The setup is this: Modem is in brige mode with TL-R600VPN router, where i set up DHCP mode and reserve the IP-s for EAP`s (ive tried with static IP on EAP but the static ip doesent last eaven a day/two, and the IP on EAP is different), the Switch is D-Link DGS-1026MP Layer2 PoE+ Gigabit with 370W POE budget, so there is sufficient power.


Ive added last month 2x EAP115 because the 245 and 330 where disconnecting, and i swap them with 115, so i could see if there is problem within EAP, but, the new 115 also doesn't work.


What didn't i do right ... what can i do?