TL-R605 CHAP / PPTP problem

TL-R605 CHAP / PPTP problem
TL-R605 CHAP / PPTP problem
2021-02-26 03:29:24
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1

Trying to configure a PPTP VPN client to another site.

Everything is configured properly as best we can tell - but the authentication fails on 'CHAP Authentication failure'.


We ended trying 'user' and 'password' to make sure we had them matching. No joy.

My RL605 won't connect to a remote PPTP site due to a CHAP problem - and there is NO option for me to adjust authentication.

My only choices are MPPE encrypted/not encrypted. (other systems offer 40bit/128bit) and no choices at all on authentication.


As well, there's no status indicator for the VPN inside of my Omada which I am managing this with - and no debug logs.


Is any of this coming in a 'fix' roadmap?


This isalmost a great SMB solution - but.. almost. I will be moving it all to standalone and not recommending it without significant connectivity enhancements in the controller solution. 

SOOO close. but Interoperability MUST be there, and it certainly doesn't seem to be.