Can CPE610 be used as a repeater?

Can CPE610 be used as a repeater?
Can CPE610 be used as a repeater?
2021-07-18 14:00:21 - last edited 2021-07-19 09:18:36
Model: CPE610
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 2.2.5 Build 20201028 Rel. 54761 (0000)

Hello. I recently bought a CPE610 to use as an repeater between two buildings, but I have some problems.

First, the CPE610 does not have range extender option as operating mode. Previous CPE-models like CPE510
and CPE210 have, but not the CPE610. All films I have found on youtube and descriptions is about different CPE-models. 


Questions 1: Can CPE610 be used as a repeater (range extender)? Maybe is is covered in some other

functionality, maybe not.


I have two buildings I want to link together, main building where the wifi-router is located, and the other building

with my office. There is an open space between, so no network equipment can go there.


Question 2: How should I do it? I welcome all config descriptions. I have tried quite a few, 
but none of them where successful. 

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Re:Can CPE610 be used as a repeater?
2021-07-20 06:05:56


You can go to this device's Datasheet and will see that the model only supports the AP / Client / AP Router / AP Client Router (WISP Client) mode. 


If you want to transmit the WiFi signal from house to office, with the CPE610, you can use two CPE610s, one working as the Access Point, another one as the Client. Then you also need to use another wireless router behind the Client.


The port of the CPE610 is 10/100 Mbps port, so the speed will not be over 100 Mbps.