CPE 210 setup and use issues

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CPE 210 setup and use issues

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CPE 210 setup and use issues
CPE 210 setup and use issues
2021-09-17 20:22:38 - last edited 2021-09-22 07:25:26
Model: CPE210  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version:



Just have hopefully some basic questions that need answered.


I have setup various networks before, but first time using this product.   I'm trying to use it to connect to an existing TP-Link AX6000 router's wireless.   I accessed the control software, configured it as a client, scanned for networks, connected to the AX6000 wireless network, and all that seems great!  I did make sure that the MAXtream is disabled.


Distance is currently set to 0.5K, as this is just to provide a connection for another building roughly 100FT away through a couple trees.   I even lowered the transmit power down a tad to 20db.


The problem I'm having, is that despite the connected device getting assigned an IP address from the AX6000 router, it does not seem to want to pass along internet traffic.  Essentially at best its glitchy, and at worst, nothing.  I have yet to install it at its final location, currently just trying to make sure everything will work first.   Its eventual duty is to connect to this AX6000 wirelessly, then connect physically to a WAN port of another router with different wireless name for internet for that building.

I have tried connecting the unit directly to my PC, while having it within close proximity to the aforementioned router.  Still nothing.  I can talk to the unit's onboard software perfectly, but it won't let anything talk to the internet.  I have set a static IP matching the network being assigned by the AX6000.

I can connect and operate the device software either wirelessly or wired no problem, so it talks fine on either end.


I can connect directly to the AX6000, internet works perfectly fine.  I can connect the router I setup to use this device directly to the AX6000 and that works fine.  But when I put this device between them, barely works at all when it does.


Are there any suggestions?  Am I overlooking something?  This unit seems ridiculously simple to setup, so...  Hoping I didn't get a bum one.



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Re:CPE 210 setup and use issues
2021-09-30 17:21:03 - last edited 2021-09-30 18:08:26

Update to the original post.


Since this attempt, I have recently received the Starlink hardware and set that up.  I have also installed an ER605 TP-Link WAN controller to be used as an internet fail-over device.  The ER605 connects to both my AX6000 router and a KU-WiFi bridge.


While the ER605 and KU-WiFi had their quirks at first, I finally got them working the way I wanted them to.

As to this device, instead of connecting it to the AX6000's WiFi, I now have it connected to that bridge network that I have setup that provides a wireless link between my building and my folks house that is a driveway down the road approximately 1000FT from my building.  I had bought the KU-WiFi before finding the CPE's or I would have probably bought 3 of those units.

I connected the CPE 210 to that network, deployed the router, and now all that works fine.  I get up to 65-70MB of throughput at ether remote location. (KU-WiFi extenders have 100MB ports sadly).  Signal strength is perfectly strong, no outages.  (CPE faces the building the KU-WiFi bridge is attached to, but the bridge device is located on the side farthest from where the CPE located.  Essentially, the building itself is between them, but it works perfectly.  The bridge is located where it is, as that side faces the remote bridge device for my folks place.)

Essentially it works well.  3 individual places that originally had 3 separate installs of 8MB DSL now run off of one install of Starlink.  I maintain one DSL for my building as a backup with the ER605 and can at least maintain basic internet for all 3 buildings, even if Starlink goes out.


Just thought I would update, despite that I didn't hear any other suggestions.  Not sure why I couldn't connect the CPE directly to the AX6000 WiFi, but it works as is now.



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