CPE510 - web panel not responding, timeout

CPE510 - web panel not responding, timeout
CPE510 - web panel not responding, timeout
2021-10-06 13:35:46 - last edited 2021-10-06 13:39:14
Model: CPE510
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: 1.00



I'm trying to run new and clean Cp510 with hardware version 3.20

CPE is connected by LAN with my notebook. I changed my IP to, mask, nothing more

From all browsers in newest versions problem is the same - page is not loading correctly, refresh not working.
Developer tools in browser (network tab) shows very long answer by request versions.json - 30 seconds and then timeout.

I tried to reset by button, not helped. Power disconnection, changing chords - the same problem.

Two times I saw login screen (10 reloadings, maybe more shows screen).
When I passed username nad password and pressed Login - nothing shows more, but CPE signal LEDs started (all).

Page header is showing always Pharos or CPE510 (related to page reload).

What more can i do? 

One more thing - in version.json (when sometimes will load) i see in response ip: - what is it?


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Re:CPE510 - web panel not responding, timeout
2021-10-07 08:18:49

Sorry, problem resolved.

Ethernet port is weird. I changed notebook and everything started normally.

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