Insufficient detail OMADA Cloud Controller log

Insufficient detail OMADA Cloud Controller log
Insufficient detail OMADA Cloud Controller log
2022-01-12 17:42:37 - last edited 2022-01-19 11:53:37
Model: OC200
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 4.4.6


Planing on rolling out my current (beta) setup to several sites (hardware switch from ubi, hp, netgear and two really old Nortel switches ;-) )

Setup, 1site, cloudcontrolled.


1Gb Fibre connection - Nokia Media Converter - TL-ER605 - TL-SG2008P, OC200 hooked up to PoE port of switch, but I guess it could be anywhere in the net.

Mesh provided by EAP-615WALL AP's, a few unmanaged TP-Link TL-SG105 Switches are present, but these are unmanaged and as such invisible. Removed all furter repeaters, ap's, routers and hub's (only HomeAutomation Hubs/servers currently running)


I'm noticing that the error/warning reporting in the OC200 is "very" limited. (does not add any value sofar)

For instance it says that several large ping's were detected and dropped, but not what source (IP/WAN/LAN/Port), so no way of knowing the ping's origin and intention (attack or justlarge frames?) These warnings don't follow a real patern, some come within 5-10 minutes, others have hour intervals. But (!!) they occur the whole day's like someone ringing a bel the whole day at random interval's, it's maddening.

I have WireShark running in promiscuous mode, but so far I fouind nothing regarding ICMP traffic, nothing on ICMP and on ICMPv6 only 90 length (Multic List Rep)


So the reporting is lacking and not as Enterprised Grade as I would expect (we are talking Enterprise grade here, hardware wise, right?) to have right away ( it is available in the actual process) certainly not something I would have to dismantle my network for (disassociate device from cloud, mirror ports....than try to get it back into the network. I have reported earlier, for a ER605 to be adopted in the network a very specific set of steps needs to be taken, one of which is a full reset), use 3rd party software (i.e. WireShark) only to the maybe be able to find future errors and have more data available. Keeping in mind that you end up with a router that may end up being unusable in the controller setting if you insist on having insight in what really is going on in your network/site.


For enterprise grade hard- and software unacceptable, I might even consider it a bug/ommission/faillure. It would be such a hassle to actually remove al hardware (again!) and go back to i.e. ubiquity (where we have more options, eventhough also not in GUI), so I'm glad it's just anoying to have reporting that really doesn't inform you what happend.


Imagine your doctor tells your your sick, but can't tell you what, where, how, anything, unless he begins with removing your individual parts and fixing the diagnosis gap.....madness


tp-link need to fix this in my opinion

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Re:Insufficient detail OMADA Cloud Controller log
2022-01-16 14:15:17 - last edited 2022-01-19 11:53:37

Ok, this is for information purpose only.


Seeing as I am not a patient man, TP-Link as far as I see is none to quick in any form of response. I thought well, let's go through the whole shebang again.

So I redid every thing, from WLAN (inlc new passwords.....#@%@##-job), disabling GIKR, VLAN's, RSSI settings, Max Associated clients, radio settings, 2.4 & 5, using information gained through WireShark (still not sure where large packets came from (or association timeouts)) and scan with Netspot. It still feel very much trial and error / seat of the pant like approach wise, but more Large Ping attack warnings and a lot less assoc time-outs. 

Funny thing was during my 2nd try....first my phones and tablets started saying they could not verify the connection (????) and without me doing anything (on the Omada side) 5 G disappeared (still on default and...poof) I had only 2.4 left.

So on my 3r try (really no idea what I did differently...) suddenly I started finding 5Ghz channels and devices started making connections.


So now I'v placed a TAP between gateway and NT and a TAP between Gateway and Switch (cost €60 total) the management ports of 1 hooked to 2 and back into the network (separate IP-Range) so I can monitor with WireShark.....let's see where we get now. May be overkill, but I had two suitable switches lying around.


For now....nothing and lot's of high speed comfortable internet traffic. And if all works out, this finally can be my template for the next site (same hardware and just migrate...)


Still stand by my view that TP-Link need to STEP UP the REPORTING!