MAC FIltering

MAC FIltering
MAC FIltering
2022-06-29 16:06:32
Model: EAP225
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: 5.0.8 Build 20220118
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I'm having trouble implementing MAC address filtering. Activate MAC filtering and save the changes, despite not having created any group or MAC address automatically disconnects all terminals, so I presume that there is a default process of denial of service to all terminals not registered with your MAC
I create the groups and add the MAC addresses of the cell phones (verified 2 times from the terminals themselves). The result is that some terminals connect and others do not.

Additionally I have doubts with the operation of this MAC filtering section.
1. Why do I have the options to allow or deny in the different networks created, by creating groups, if anyway the device seems to deny access by default when activating MAC filtering?
2. If one of the networks created is not assigned a group, should it maintain the freedom to allow free traffic without assigning mac addresses, as if it were a guest network?

Thank you for your comments and help