Mesh to metal bldg - setup look ok?

Mesh to metal bldg - setup look ok?

Mesh to metal bldg - setup look ok?
Mesh to metal bldg - setup look ok?
2022-10-19 21:19:51 - last edited 2022-10-19 21:24:13
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Model: EAP225-Outdoor  
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I have an Omada ER7206 router, OC200 Hardware controller, 24 port POE and EAP620 HD AP.  Just got my metal shop building up and need internet inside.  Before I buy the additional hardware I wanted to ask if I was making any mistakes.


Plan - Install an EAP225-Outdoor on outside of metal building.  Distance to EAP 620 access point in my house is 50ft.  Want to mesh connect the 2 AP's.

Drill hole in metal building and run Cat 5e from EAP 225-Outdoor to a POE switch.


Considering TP-Link TL-SG1005P 5 Port unmanaged POE switch.

POE port 1 to Outdoor AP

POE port 2 to In-shop AP (EAP 635 wall)

POE port 3 to Camera mounted on back of shop


House has Main network 192.168.0.X  SSID: MAIN

House has CAM network 192.168.50.X (limits cameras from having internet access)


My assumptions:

1) I configure outdoor AP to mesh with house AP.  Its a wireless connection only and wont transmit an SSID

2) Indoor AP SSID will be same as house MAIN and will be on 192.168.0.X

3) I can setup the new shop outdoor camera to be on the CAM network subnet 192.168.50.X


Does my hardware setup look ok?


Can I accomoplish this with the TL-SG1005P 5 Port unmanaged POE switch or will I have to upgrade to something like the  TP-Link TL-SG2008P | Jetstream 8 Port Gigabit Smart Managed PoE Switch?


Thank you for any input!

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Re:Mesh to metal bldg - setup look ok?
2022-10-21 06:41:57



Firstly, the recommended WiFi coverage radius for indoor EAPs is 15m, which is slightly far from outdoor EAPs that are 50ft apart to form a mesh, so it is recommended to test the performance in the field.

If you want to achieve multiple subnets, only unmanaged switches are not very good, take a look at this:

How to configure Multi-Networks & Multi-SSIDs


Re:Mesh to metal bldg - setup look ok?
2022-10-21 13:35:29

  @Virgo Thank you for the link!


I'll test but looks like I may need a 2nd EAP225 Outdoor AP.



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