Dropping Connection Over and Over

Dropping Connection Over and Over
Dropping Connection Over and Over
2014-06-22 08:29:49
Region : UnitedStates

Model : TL-WA7510N

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version :

ISP : Verizon FIOS

Hey Guys,

Just bought the TL-WA7510N and I'm having tons of trouble. I think I set it up correctly, but my devices just keep connecting and then disconnecting and then connect again. This is an ongoing cycle .

My goal was this. Connect the AP in my backyard so that I could connect wireless with my tablet. I'm pretty clueless as what to do. I may sound very ignorant here, but here is what I have done.

I connected the AP to my computer's NIC card and set the computer's IP as This is in the same subnet as the AP which has an IP of Before I get into my settings, what do I do after it is all configured correctly? No where do I read to connect it to a router. It can't be that the AP must be connected to the computer all the time in order to work. How will my computer get internet? Anyway, here is what I did. I first set the AP into Standard AP mode. I then changed the IP address of the AP to The AP rebooted and I had to change mu PC's IP address to to get back into the AP. I then set up my wireless network. I gave it an SSID called backyard, choose a security scheme and so on. I enabled DCHP and gave it a range of - When finished, I disconnected the AP from my PC and connected it to my Verizon FIOS router who's Wireless is disabled.

Now, I have 2 different wireless routers connected to my FIOS router. One is for me and the other is for my brother. The Verizon FIOS router has an IP Address of So I made my router's IP Address (Dlink) and my brother's (Netgear). Everything works fine. He has his network on and I have mine on We both have different SSIDs also and they work fine. Due to this, I figured I'd make the IP address of the AP These IP addresses are outside of the Verision FIOS router's DHCP range so there will not be any conflicts.

When looking for wireless networks in my backyard I see my SSID backyard. I choose to connect to it and enter my pass phrase. The device connects and obtains an IP address. Then after say 20 seconds, it disconnects and then after another 20 seconds or so it connects again. I cannot get a stable connection. This happens with both my Android phone and tablet. I have another Android tablet that doesn't even show the SSID of backyard and my brother's phone doesn't either.

I then restored factory defaults and changed my settings to exactly the same thing except this time I configured the AP as "AP Router," all the other settings were the same. I connected with my tablet and the connection seemed stable. I started to watch some Internet TV on it for a minute and it seemed good. An hour or so later I tested it again and I started getting the disconnects. These devices (phone and tablet) all connect fine to the two other wireless network and are stable. Also, I can no longer log into the AP with the setting of "AP Router." If I type I get my FIOS router's login screen. brings up my Dlink router's login screen. brings up my brother's Netgear's login page and does nothing. i would think it should bring up the AP's login screen.

So, am I configuring this thing correctly? I was thinking about changing the value in the distance field from 0 to something else, but what is the distance from. The manual says to enter the distance in Km. The distance from what to what? The AP from my FIOS router? The distance from the AP to my device I want to connect it to?

Like I said, I'm confused. Can anyone tell me how to configure this thing so that it does what I need. I'd really appreciate it.

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Re:Dropping Connection Over and Over
2014-06-23 07:13:50

fotodamaris wrote

You bought a 5Ghz device, not all your gear supports 5Ghz, 7510 it moré a ptp (point to point ) device for wifi links and usually people buy it in pairs, you should had bought 7210.

So a 7210 should do what I need? I figured the devices that did not see the wireless network didn't support 5ghz. The devices that did see the 5Ghz network keep disconnecting. I'll look into the 7210.