CPE510 dropping connection constantly - is it DFS?

CPE510 dropping connection constantly - is it DFS?
CPE510 dropping connection constantly - is it DFS?
2021-06-03 11:27:34
Model: CPE510
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: 2.2.1 Build 20200612 Rel. 38059 (4555)


CPE510 v3.20



  • I have two CPE510s setup.
  • One as AP, the other as a Client.
  • Aiming to provide internet access to out-house approx 50m away.
  • In the UK
  • Using good quality Cat6 cabling



  • SSID from my AP is disappearing regularly.  
  • No devices can connect, including iPhones (5GHz capable) and the Client unit.
  • Only way to resolve this is by restarting the AP.
  • Occurs often - anywhere from 10mins to multiple hours
  • When the issue occurs the AP is powered on, and I am able to login the admin page, nothing appears wrong with the AP.


Attempts to fix the problem

  • I have setup static IPs for both (outside the DHCP range)
  • I have tried fixed channels/frequency
  • I have tried multiple wireless settings (mode, channel width, Max Tx rate)


When the connection works it is great but unfortunately it just doesn't last very long.


Is this a DFS issue? I have noticed the AP does change channel even from a fixed channel. Attached is a screenshot of my Spectrum Analysis - would these levels be enough to cause this issue? Always at -90dbm and jumps up to -60dbm regularly. 


Thinking CPE210 would be the solution.


Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

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Re:CPE510 dropping connection constantly - is it DFS?
2021-06-04 10:41:29


Hi there, it is obvious that the issue is related to the DFS channel in Europe.


CPE510 (EU) works in Band3 and belongs to the DFS channel. According to EU regional regulations, when the device selects a channel, if the DFS channel is selected, then there is a monitoring process before using this channel. The purpose of monitoring is to detect whether there are military radar signals or weather radar signals on this channel.

When the radar signal is reached, then the channel will be unavailable. During device monitoring and detection, the device will not broadcast the SSID, so the SSID of the AP will not be seen on the Client side.


CPE210 seems to be a better choice for you in UK.


Best Regards!