how to limit upstream bandwidth

how to limit upstream bandwidth
how to limit upstream bandwidth
2015-06-09 23:24:15
Region : Argentina

Model : TL-R470T+

Hardware Version : V4

Firmware Version :


I provide intenet access to the guests of an hotel with 40 rooms, therefore my network often has around 100 active users.
The upstream bandwidth is often used up by a single user (who might, for instance, be uploading some photos or videos), and when this happens, internet access becomes very slow for all the users of the network.
I tried limiting the upstream bandwidth for each of the users, but the only way I was able to do so, is by setting a rule under the following setting:

Advanced > Traffic Control > Bandwidth Control

Unfortunately the rule can be applied only to a "group" of users (defined in the "User Group" form)... and the problem is that the MAXIMUM number of users (i.e. local IP addresses) in such groups can be 64, and this number is too low for me, as I often have more than that number of assigned IPs.

My questions are:
- is there a "smarter" way to avoid a single user using up all the available bandwidth?
- do you know whether in more expensive models of the router, such as TL-R480T+, it is possible to add more than 64 users to a group?

The documentation in the TP-LINK user manuals is very poor: for instance the limit of 64 users in not mentioned anywhere, and I was able to find it only by "trial and error".