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About:I am Clive, a moderator from the team. I love tech and sharing tech tips with others. Be specific when you describe a problem and I'll tryna help you out. (0) Facts don't care about your feelings. Nothing personal. (1) Don't be ignorant and and don't take everything for granted on the forum, learn about the system. (2) Read the forum guidelines before you get started. (3) I prefer trusting evidence with my eyes seeing it rather than plain words. This would accelerate your case progress. Let's get straight into the verification and reproduction phase and save your precious time. (4) Our communication is based on mutual trust and if you have suspicion on me, go and find the third party to verify it before you come back again. Don't give misinformation during the troubleshooting. It does not do anything good but waste your time. (5) Do NOT violate email confidentiality and paste contents.