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2014-10-13 13:36:19
Re:DHCP Not Passed through
+2 Same issue for other UDP traffic as well. I have two VOIP ATA's that do not recieve traffic when plugged into an "Easy Smart" switch, but work fine with a simple switch. Also seeing up to 40%...
Forums/ Business Switches
2014-10-12 08:39:29
Re:TL-SG105E dot1q trunking?
Hi Jim. I am also trying to resolve some inconsistent behaviour with easy smart switch QVLANs. For your test set up, I would suggest you use default vlan number "1" instead of 50. Some times you have...
Forums/ Business Routers
2014-09-10 21:40:32
Enterprise ? Yeh Right......
cyberwookie wrote Region : Canada Model : TL-ER5120 Hardware Version : V1 Firmware Version : 1.0.2 ISP : I'm just starting to build this router / firewall. I see that I can assign different VLANs to...