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2021-05-06 23:05:16
Can I adjust KeyFrames per second, on 'VIGI C300HP-6'?
Is it possible to increase the number of KeyFrames per second, on the ''VIGI C300HP-6'' v1 camera? I'm using VIGI Security Manager on Windows PC, as well as Blue Iris V5 NVR on Windows PC.
Forums/ Surveillance
2021-05-06 22:57:08
Re:Pricing VIGI Cloud
@JhonJS I can't answer all of your questions, but I'll try to help a little bit. Are you planning to use VIGI Security Manager on a Windows PC, and use the Windows PC as your manager and NVR? If so,...
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2021-05-06 22:49:42
Re:VIGI C300P Mounting Bracket
@Philbert I'm in Melbourne Australia, and we recently got 2 of the VIGI C300HP-6 cameras. They did come with the mounting brackets shown in the documentation.
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2021-05-06 00:18:54
Re:Adding 'VIGI C300HP-6' cameras to blue Iris v5.
For those that find this in the future, I got the camera to work in Blue Iris. The key was to put in all the details: IP address, username, password, RTSP port: 554, ONVIF port: 2020. and THEN to use...
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2021-05-05 23:18:36
Adding 'VIGI C300HP-6' cameras to blue Iris v5.
Hello VIGI community. I've just purchased multiple 'VIGI C300HP-6' cameras for my company, and I'm trying to add them to my Blue Iris NVR system. I've added the cameras to Windows installation of...