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Forums/ WiFi
2023-09-20 02:18:38
Re:EAP Beta Firmware for Omada SDN Controller v5.9 (Updated on Aug 31st, 2023)
@Hank21, is there a timeline for releasing the beta firmware for the 660HD?
Forums/ WiFi
2022-07-25 19:39:49
Re:Missing radio interfaces on EAP615-Wall
@Somnus, thanks for replying. Yes, I've contacted support to investigate the issue, but I agree it's likely a hardware problem. For completeness' sake, here's what I'm seeing in the controller for...
Forums/ WiFi
2022-07-24 21:20:40
Missing radio interfaces on EAP615-Wall
Looking through my controller UI recently, I noticed that no client devices were connecting to one of my EAPs (EAP615-Wall). When I reviewed the its configuration, I noticed that neither radio had a...
Forums/ Controllers
2022-03-21 17:21:55
Omada Controller 5.1.7 for Linux?
Since 5.1.7 was released for Windows almost 4 weeks ago, when can we expect the Linux release? I would have assumed (incorrectly, it seems) that most server-run controller software would release for...