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2023-02-21 22:04:28
Re:Very lot messages to connect devices (Gateway)
@weby112 On the firmware page that Fae linked there is a new beta version of the 2.1.2 firmware dated the 21st. The new version specifically mentions fixing the repeated connect messages that you...
Forums/ Routers
2023-01-04 17:29:24
Re:ER605 suddenly disconnect from omada controller but still working
Flagging that I see this too. ER605 V1 on the latest beta firmware disconnects approx once a month. In that state, the LAN works fine but the WAN fails. Yesterday evening was the latest occurrence....
Forums/ Controllers
2022-02-24 11:39:37
Omada Controller is Offline - java.net.SocketException: Connection or outbound has closed
Hi, I'm seeing the controller dropping offline and reappearing after two minutes perhaps two times a week. Thankfully the devices don't drop but that notification that the controller is gone is...