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Forums/ Pharos Wireless Bridges
2022-04-13 06:35:51
cpe510 point to point problem
@Nheliot hi, I solved it by setting Channel Width fixed and not in automatic, try this, put the same Channel Width in both, I set both in 20Mhz and it immediately worked. From my experience I can...
Forums/ Pharos Wireless Bridges
2022-03-30 08:12:36
Re:cpe510 point to point problem
@Hank21 I have set everything automatically, is this a mistake? But why does it work at the beginning and after a short time it no longer works?
Forums/ Pharos Wireless Bridges
2022-03-29 21:13:13
cpe510 point to point problem
Hi guys, first of all I apologize for my English, but I am Italian and therefore I help myself to write with a translator and with my basic knowledge of the language. I have a problem that has been...