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Forums/ Access Points
2013-11-13 09:26:12
only power led is ON TP-WA5210G
[COLOR=#000000]Region : Turkey Model : TP-WA5210G Hardware Version : V1 Firmware Version : Original ISP : TooWay internet satallite Hello Dear when i try to update TP-WA5210G to version...
Forums/ Wireless Broadband
2013-09-26 05:29:15
Assist in the establishment of a wireless network
Region : UnitedKingdom Model : TL-WA5210G Hardware Version : V2 Firmware Version : 4.4.7 Build 120821 Rel.56860n ISP : Internet satallite TooWay My friends I hope you will help me in the work of a...
Forums/ Accessories
2013-09-25 21:12:36
Alantina TL-ANT2415D settings
Region : Turkey Model : TL-ANT2415D Hardware Version : V1 Firmware Version : ISP : TooWay Do you need Alantina TL-ANT2415D to private settings Pre-installed Or you just need to plug i use it with...