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2023-01-16 20:38:16
ER7206 SNMP Interface name to Omada/GW name mapping?
Polling SNMP on the ER7206 provides statistics and information for a larger number of interfaces. Is there information about how these devices map to the language used in the Omada controller? Which...
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2022-12-29 01:39:30
Re:Controller mode ER7206: Difficulty with multiple LANs
OK I think I figured out my misunderstanding. Only the default LAN (VLAN 1) is untagged in the gateway device. Any other port VLAN designation on the 7206 is tagged, so the input to that port needs...
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2022-12-28 02:30:05
Controller mode ER7206: Difficulty with multiple LANs
SPF-WAN and WAN are both configured and working with the default LAN (VLAN 1 / I want to connect and define a separate LAN interface attached to port WAN/LAN1. I've provisioned this...